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Frequently Asked Questions
What does Onsite mean? Onsite means that the sitting is done at a location of your choosing. Because Sweetwater Photography does not have a studio, most photos are done outside. This could be your backyard, a local park, or at a horse show!
Why is one hour the recommened time? Through the years, I have found that it usually takes time for people, and especially animals, to become comfortable and look natural in front of a camera. This also allows for multiple locations if you want to have photos taken at different spots.
What are print rights? Sweetwater Photography does not require you to use our in-house print services. Print rights allow you to print your photos at home or at any commercial printer (i.e. drug stores, online printer, etc). You can also post the images to your website or print them in promotional materials.
Are there restrictions about how I use the hour? No. You can use the hour any way you want. You can have portaits of your family, your animals, or a combination of the two. You can even use the time to catalogue Aunt Mrytle's quilt collection!
What if I want to split the 1 Hour Onsite Session with a friend? Absolutely! You can split the cost of the 1 Hour Onsite Session with friends and family. Before the shoot begins, please have an estimate of how long each person will have with me and how much time (if any) will be spent on group photos.
How many photos will I get with the 1 hour Onsite session? During the 1 hour session, I will take appoximately 300 images. Out of those images approximately 60-80 images will be included on your CD. Because of the artistic nature of the images, I reserve the right to provide the best of the frames available.

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